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Steel Challenge USPSA Steel Challenge

Discussion in 'Competitive Shooting' started by Will Dobbins, Mar 7, 2014.

  1. Will Dobbins

    Will Dobbins Board of Directors Staff Member Board Member

    This is an informal Steel Challenge style match. New shooters and all skill levels are welcome! Each match will have 4 stages with a total minimum round count of 100. Stages will consist of 3- 5 steel targets shot from a stationary position.

    Stages begin at 10AM with a 9am setup. Shooters will be limited to two entries with additional entries at the match directors discretion.

    Results and weather cancellations are posted on this site or you can reach the match director, Andrew Smithson at andrews@ankenyikes.org. A downloadable calendar of our 2014 events is available here.

    Cost: $5 per entry.
    • Center Fire: Minimum caliber of 9mm/.38 special with holster.
    • Rim-fire: 22 Long Rifle caliber only.
    • 2+ magazines are recommended. (You need to be able to shoot 25 targets without needing to top off your magazines.)
    • Pistol caliber long guns are allowed. (No high power rifles.)
    The 2013 SCSA Rules are attached.

    For registration and match announcements check our Competitive Shooting Forums.


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