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IDPA The International Defensive Pistol Association

Discussion in 'Competitive Shooting' started by Will Dobbins, Mar 7, 2014.

  1. Will Dobbins

    Will Dobbins Board of Directors Staff Member Board Member

    Brad Poland has volunteered to run IDPA Matches at the Ikes! Matches will be held monthly on the 3rd Saturday of the Month. Brad has run these matches out east for the last 6 years. IDPA scenarios tend to be more “tactically” orientated than other disciplines, but in the end it’s still a “game”. That being said, it was started with the idea of using the firearm you carry in the matches. Most scenarios are limited to 18-24 rounds and tend to be both single stack and revolver friendly (side matches with pocket guns are usually 5-6 rounds). Targets are shot in specific order with an attempt to follow “tactical rules”.

    Give it a try, it’s a lot fun!

    Results and weather cancellations are posted on this site or you can reach the match director, Brad Poland at bradpoland@earthlink.net. A downloadable calendar of our 2014 events is available here.
    • Cost: $10 for Ankeny Ikes Members and $15 for nonmembers
    • Center Fire: Minimum caliber of 9mm/.38 special with holster.
    The latest approved rules are attached.

    For registration and match announcements check our Competitive Shooting Forums.

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