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Save Our Streams

Discussion in 'Conservation' started by Will Dobbins, Mar 6, 2014.

  1. Will Dobbins

    Will Dobbins Board of Directors Staff Member Board Member

    The following is a mission statement from the IOWATER website.

    The IOWATER Mission: To protect and improve Iowa's water quality by raising citizen awareness about Iowa's watersheds, supporting and encouraging the growth and networking of Iowa's volunteer water monitoring communities, and promoting water monitoring activities as a means of assessing and understanding Iowa's aquatic resources.

    This fits very nicely with the IWLA and the Ankeny Ikes goals and values. The League was founded in 1922 by anglers who were concerned about the water quality of waterways around the country. SAVE OUR STREAMS(SOS) strives to provide Americans with the tools needed to to assess this in their communities. "Clean water is a public trust." to quote the IWLA policies!
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