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Discussion in 'Articles' started by Will Dobbins, Mar 7, 2014.

  1. Will Dobbins

    Will Dobbins Board of Directors Staff Member Board Member

    We are looking forward to seeing green grass instead of snow on the grounds. Mowing is one of the most important and time consuming tasks at the facility. In past years a small number of individuals handled all of the mowing. Not surprisingly, they eventually got burnt out. This year we are going to implement a new way to mow the grounds. We are going to make a list of anyone interested in volunteering. The grounds will be divided into three sections so that each section can be mowed in an hour or less. Then each time we need to mow, we can work down through the list of volunteers. The advantage is that the longer the list is, the fewer times in a year each volunteer will be called on. Also if someone is unavailable, we can just go to the next person on the list. If you are interested please drop us an email at facilities@ankenyikes.org . We will be having an information/training meeting this spring.

    Facilities Coordinator

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