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Membership Questions

Discussion in 'Ankeny Ikes Discussion' started by Jason Hilton, Jul 11, 2017.

  1. Jason Hilton

    Jason Hilton Active Forum Member Chapter Member

    I've been contemplating joining (I have some friends who are members at a different chapter) but have some questions about the Ankeny chapter.

    1. Do you offer midyear discounts on membership? I saw that Warren Co. Ikes was doing this and didn't know if it was a policy that you follow as well.

    2. I really couldn't find much information about what membership provides short of just access to the ranges. Are there member dinners and meetings? Any other membership benefits?

    3. Is it alright to use air guns at the rifle ranges as well? I'm trying to teach my daughter to shoot and we're starting small with pellets to work on firearms safety and maturity before moving onto firearms and having a facility to more safely introduce her to this the better.
  2. Andrew Smithson

    Andrew Smithson Secretary Staff Member Board Member

    our mid year is a year and a half rate, it is live on the membership site now.

    there are some member functions thru out the year depending on member interest, keep an eye on the calendar.

    Air guns are fine...thanks

  3. Jason Hilton

    Jason Hilton Active Forum Member Chapter Member

    How long does it normally take to get the gate pass? I signed up 2 weeks ago and haven't gotten anything.

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