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Gate Access System

Discussion in 'Articles' started by Will Dobbins, Mar 7, 2014.

  1. Will Dobbins

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    Gate Access with Access Card
    To access our facility with your gate access card simply place your card within a few inches of the reader (Attached to the PIN Pad).
    The gate will open and remain open long enough for a single vehicle to enter the facility.
    DO NOT attempt to follow another vehicle in without using your card or they gate may close on your vehicle.

    Exiting the Facility
    Pull your vehicle up to the stop sign on the right side of the road. There is a ground loop that will detect a vehicle in motion and open the gate automatically.
    • You must be on the right side of the road and moving normally up to the stop sign.
    • The ground loop senses moving metal objects so if you are going very slow it will not detect your vehicle.

    Problems? Questions?
    Feel free to address any issues you may have to board@ankenyikes.org

    Gate Access Cards
    New members will receive a gate card via the mail.
    This card will be issued once and will be re-activated each subsequent year upon renewal.
    The card is only permitted to be used by the member who's name it carries.
    There will also be a blank insurance liability waiver enclosed.
    Your card will be activated when we receive this completed waiver back from you.
    Instructions on the use of your new gate access card can be found here.

    Renewing members will continue to use the original card issued to them.
    This card will be re-activated as soon as your membership renewal is processed.
    Please see below if you have lost your card.

    Lost Access Cards
    Replacement cards are $5
    You may request a replacement card here.
    Please allow a few weeks for your replacement to arrive.
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