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competition shooting tips

Discussion in 'Competitive Shooting' started by Billy Wilson, Feb 15, 2018.

  1. Billy Wilson

    Billy Wilson Forum Member Chapter Member

    what kind of pistol belt would you recommend to someone interested in competitive shooting? what is the most common brand and caliber of pistol most used?
  2. Brad Poland

    Brad Poland Active Forum Member Chapter Member

    It depends on what you want to shoot. In USPSA most common are Double Alpha, CR speed and Safariland belts. These are dual belt systems with an inner and outer belt. 3 Gun these work, but Safariland is pretty popular. If you want to shoot IDPA, none of the dual belts are legal. Any stiff leather belt will work fine.

    Brand and caliber are very division dependent. Production you see Tangfolio, CZ, Glock, XD, and many others mostly 9mm since you only need 125 power factor. Limited is dominated by double stack 2011 pistols in .40S&W shooting 165 power factor. Open is primarily tricked out hot rodded 2011 pistol in 38 super or 9mm major power factor.
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  3. Billy Wilson

    Billy Wilson Forum Member Chapter Member

    thanks for the great info, it will definitely help me get started

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