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Ankeny Ikes

by Will Dobbins at 7:44 AM
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We Need Your Help!
Spring Clean Up Day 2014

It has been a long winter, but spring is finally here. The activity levels are starting to pick up and the ranges are getting more and more use. In order to get ready for our most busy time of the year we need your help to do some cleaning and maintenance.


Saturday, May 3, 2014 From 9am to 2pm

We will start with a brief organizational meeting in the chapter house. After that we will break into teams and get started on the various projects. Do not worry if you arrive late. There is plenty
of work to be done and we can use all of the help we can get.

All of the ranges - Trap, Archery, Rifle, and Pistol will be CLOSED during the work day. We may end up working past the scheduled end time. If that is the case the ranges will remain closed until work stops.

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by Brad Poland at 10:15 AM
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The Ankeny Ikes Thursday IDPA match will consist of 3 or 4 scenarios and between 60-100rds. I will be at the range around 5:00 for setup and we will start shooting as soon as the scenarios are set. No worries if you come late, we will work you in.

by Andrew Smithson at 7:21 AM
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Here is the registration link for tonight's match. There is a chance we will cancel this if the bays are too muddy... Scott will be checking them out later today and we should know by 1pm if we are shooting or not. I will send out an update later.

Please register ahead!!




Update from Scott:
by Andrew Smithson at 7:29 PM
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There has been TONS of interest in 3GN at AIPS!!

Due to 3 Gun Nation's massive popularity and growth recently we are requiring pre-registration/pre-payment of match fees to participate in these events. This will help us better prepare and ultimately put on an excellent event for everyone. 3 Gun Nation events will have limited spots available. Match fees are non-refundable within 5 days of the event. In the event we are full, any open spots due to cancellation will be posted on the forums. Should there be open spots, only online payment at the link below will secure your entry for the event. Simply posting to the forms that you want the spot will not do any good. We fully expect these events to fill up so get your registration in NOW!!!

Register here:

Currently there are two 3GN events scheduled for this year, May 25th and August 24th

Have questions? Post them here!
by Scott Arnburg at 7:49 PM
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Our USPSA match this Saturday (April 12th) will be a Special Classifier match. The cost for this match will be $20.00 for the first entry and $10.00 for each additional division. Setup will start at 8am and shooting will begin as soon as the stages are ready.

Attached are the classifier stages for Saturday.

Scott Arnburg