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Ankeny Ikes

by Andrew Smithson at 7:06 PM
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The Board of Directors is proud to announce the 2nd Annual Membership Banquet!

Please join us to celebrate another great year for the Ankeny Ikes and to say thank you to the members and volunteers who made it happen!

One member has donated a Polk County Fair Champion Swine and another member his BBQ equipment and cooking skills. That leads to our very tasty menu:
  • Pulled pork and loin
  • BBQ beans
  • Coleslaw
Feel free to bring a dessert to share and your beverage of choice. Since the range and trap fields will be closed, alcoholic beverages will be allowed. Please keep in mind this is a family event.

Also, bring your lawn chairs and yard games. We will have a number of fire pits set up.

Best of all - it's FREE! Plan to bring the family, volunteers, and guests.

6:00 PM Dinner begins
7:00 PM Very short address by our President - Brian Hood

Please RSVP to BrianH@AnkenyIkes.orgto help us plan for an...​
by Andrew Smithson at 2:35 PM
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Just a reminder to sign up for the August 3GN match


Spots are limited and you must sign up online in order to participate.
by Will Dobbins at 1:33 PM
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We are starting a new feature with this organization, Volunteer recognition. Volunteers are the life blood of our organization. No one gets paid to do any of the work at our facility. Our range only works if we have the volunteers to make it happen. Each newsletter we will feature a volunteer that was nominated to the board for recognition. Please e-mail your nominations to board@ankenyikes.org.

This month volunteer that a boy award is @Jeff Altmayer.

Jeff has been very active at the range and has spent hours this spring helping with the youth trap program. Jeff participates both in Trap, USPSA, IDPA and steel matches, and is a great asset to the club. Jeff’s nomination came at the recommendation of both our Youth trap coaches. “Our trap committee is critical to the success of our youth program” Chance Chestnut, Head Coach Centennial Trap Team.

Would you like to get involved? Just don’t know how? Let us know...
by Andrew Smithson at 8:21 AM
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Note: If you paid for the 7/22 match which was canceled due to extreme heat your payment will be passed forward to the next match you shoot, however no refunds will be given.
by Andrew Smithson at 6:38 AM
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BTW Scott has cancelled tonight due to the 110+ heat index.


Thanks to everyone who came with stage ideas last night... that made things go smoothly! please continue to bring your ideas!