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by Dean Madsen at 9:47 PM
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With Tuesday's high temperature forecast to be 15 degrees we are taking this week off and will not be opening the traps Tuesday evening 02/09/16.

If the temperatures a more favorable next week, we will be open as normal. Always check the website if the weather is inhospitable before traveling to the range this time of year.

Dean Madsen
by Kelly Christians at 9:43 PM
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We're approaching the end of the year again and that means it's renewal time.

Renewal notices were sent out to everyone via email tonight.
You can print that email and send it in or you can renew online as well at no additional cost.

For additional details on renewing your membership or becoming a member click HERE.
by Scott Arnburg at 12:08 PM
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Ankeny Ikes Practical Shooters and Crossroads Shooting Sports are teaming up to hold an indoor USPSA match.

Setup 4pm - Shooting as soon as stages are ready (hard stop at 8pm).
We will have 4 stages with an approximate round count of 100.
Cost - $5 match fee and $20 range fee
You can pay the match fee online through Practiscore. The range fee is paid at the Crossroads register.
You will have to present your receipt at match registration. If you are attending the match please make sure you complete the Crossroads Shooting Sports waiver online before match day.

This event is open to shooters of all skill levels.
Match Registration link:
Crossroads waiver: (red button bottom right of page):

If you have questions please email me at ShootingSports@ankenyikes.org...
by Scott Arnburg at 2:26 PM
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2016 USPSA Iowa Section Championship
September 16-18, 2016
8 Stages + Chrono
Round count 240 (approximate)
Match fee $80 (includes Lunch)
USPSA level 2 match (you must be a USPSA member to compete)

More details and registration info coming.
by Scott Arnburg at 2:45 PM
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2016 Planning Session items

  • 2016 Iowa NSSF Rimfire Championship - June 11-12, 2016 - MD Scott Arnburg
    • The biggest change for 2016 will be a structured awards ceremony, with plaques given out, on Sunday after the main match. A second potential change will be to have the RO's shoot and hold the match on a single day? I am open to feedback on this, please bring ideas to the meeting.
  • 2016 Iowa IDPA State Championship - July 15-17, 2016 - MD Brad Poland
    • This will be the second year for this event. Brad did a fantastic job last year and I look forward to seeing what this year looks like.
  • 2016 USPSA Iowa Sectional - September 8-11, 2016 - MD Scott Arnburg
    • We did not have a sectional in 2015 so this year I want to make this something special. Those of you that have traveled to other level 2 & 3 matches what made the special or unique and how can we incorporate some of those ideas in our match? Please...