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Ankeny Ikes

by Brad Poland at 2:04 PM
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We will shoot 4 scenarios with at least 2 of them utilizing a BUG in addition to your primary firearm. Please bring your BUGs or 9mm ammo and you can use mine. Setup 9:00-10:00, shoot as soon as we are ready. Since you already will be bringing your BUGs, we will shoot 2 bonus stages with BUGs only. Round count will be ~100 for primary and 25-30 for BUG.

by Scott Arnburg at 12:24 PM
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The weather looks great for this weekend and no snow on the ground. We cannot let this opportunity pass.
So lets have a USPSA match at the Ikes. Setup starts at 9am shooting as soon as the stages are ready.

We will get a registration link posted shortly.

Scott Arnburg
by Will Dobbins at 3:39 PM
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Our monthly board meeting will be held December 10, 2014 at the Ankeny Ikes Chapter House at 6:30pm and follow the attached agenda. This is a great opportunity for membership to interact with the Board of Directors as well as get a better understanding of what's driving our organization.

Ground Target 1.jpg
by Doug Catron at 12:02 PM
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Can you believe that Christmas is almost here. I am sure everyone has been good all year and you are probably writing up your Christmas list for Santa. I thought it might be a good time to point out a few important Range Rules to think about while deciding what to ask for if you want to use them at the range.

First, there are no ground targets allowed at the range. This includes (but not limited to) all of these kinds of targets:...
by Andrew Smithson at 8:19 PM
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Our Ankeny Ikes Practical Shooting business planning meeting for 2015 was held on Saturday night. Thanks to all who provided input! Here are the dates we set for 2015:

  • Saturday May 16 - Introduction to practical shooting day
    This will be a new shooter clinic and will provide a taste of all the practical shooting events we hold at the Ikes. Ideally we would like to see as many of our regulars out to help guide our new shooters but not compete. More details to come!
  • June 26-28 - 2015 Iowa State NSSF Rimfire Championship
  • July 17-19 - 2015 Iowa State IDPA Championship
  • September 25-27 - 2015 USPSA Iowa Sectional