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Ankeny Ikes

by Andrew Smithson at 8:21 AM
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Note: If you paid for the 7/22 match which was canceled due to extreme heat your payment will be passed forward to the next match you shoot, however no refunds will be given.
by Andrew Smithson at 6:38 AM
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BTW Scott has cancelled tonight due to the 110+ heat index.


Thanks to everyone who came with stage ideas last night... that made things go smoothly! please continue to bring your ideas!
by Andrew Smithson at 8:52 AM
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Hey everyone... the June Steel match is coming up!

Check in for these matches will be 745/1145. Please remember that late arrivals just create chaos and delay our start. Please have respect for your fellow shooters and show up early. If you show up late please be patient and I will do my best to work you in once we are started
  • Morning session
    • Setup at 7AM, Check in by 7:45 shooting by 8AM - THIS IS A CHANGE
    • Old time steel scramble stages
    • One gun limit
    • 3 stages on 3 bays and 3 squads
    • Online registration is greatly appreciated for this. I need everyone to register ahead for these matches so I can understand what the turnout will be. Registering ahead just makes things go so much smoother and we get to shooting earlier. Registration is very simple and can be found at this link: https://clubs.practiscore.com/aips-july-steel-am/register It takes 30 seconds.
These changes...
by Andrew Smithson at 7:29 PM
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There has been TONS of interest in 3GN at AIPS!!

Due to 3 Gun Nation's massive popularity and growth recently we are requiring pre-registration/pre-payment of match fees to participate in these events. This will help us better prepare and ultimately put on an excellent event for everyone. 3 Gun Nation events will have limited spots available. Match fees are non-refundable within 5 days of the event. In the event we are full, any open spots due to cancellation will be posted on the forums. Should there be open spots, only online payment at the link below will secure your entry for the event. Simply posting to the forms that you want the spot will not do any good. We fully expect these events to fill up so get your registration in NOW!!!

Register here:

Currently there are two 3GN events scheduled for this year, May 25th and August 24th

Have questions? Post them...
by Will Dobbins at 9:28 PM
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The Board of Directors would like to thank all those who came out to our Board Meeting tonight to vote for our Board of Directors and discus club business. As a volunteer organization we greatly appreciate our members who take the time to come out and contribute their voice in the direction our club will take.

The election results are as follows:
  • President - Brian Hood
  • 1st Vice President - Brad Tingley
  • 2nd Vice President - Kelly Christians
  • Treasurer - Dean Madsen
  • Secretary - Andrew Smithson
  • Board 4 - Curtis Nelson
  • Board 5 - Mike Carmoney
  • Board 6 - Roger Burdette