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Ankeny Ikes

by Scott Arnburg at 9:02 AM
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Saturday is the main match day. Stage Details are TBD later in this thread...
Check in will start at 8am
Shooters Meeting at 845 at the Barn (South end of building)
Shooting at 9am

*Once you register you will wait for an approval email.
*During the approval process Junior rates will be adjusted to $30
*A link to pay will be sent once you are approved.
*You will not be able to squad until you pay.
*Lunch is NOT included with match entry. If you want to purchase lunches please click "View our online store"

Registration link https://practiscore.com/2016-iowa-state-nssf-rimfire-championship/register
by Scott Arnburg at 1:58 PM
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Ikes Members
I wanted to share with you a proposal from the National Organization to increase the National dues by $10 a year starting in 2017. Currently $50 of the $180 Individual membership goes to pay the members IWLA State and Nationals dues.

Please take a moment and read through the email and attached documents. The national office has ased us for feedback.

Scott Arnburg
Chapter President
Dragoon Trail Chapter IWLA

Email from Ikes National office:
At the Mid-winter meeting of the Board of Directors of the Izaak Walton League, directors voted to propose a $10 increase in individual membership dues beginning with the 2017 membership year. This proposal must be voted on by the delegates at the national convention in July. At the direction of the Board, staff have prepared background materials to assist national directors and chapter leaders in discussing this issue with chapters over the coming months.

Many national directors are visiting...
by Scott Arnburg at 9:33 AM
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We have several big matches coming up this year that I am going to need help with. The dates are below please let me know what you can help with.

Scholastic Pistol State Championship Sunday June 5th 8am - 4pm
- Need 8 RO's/ Score Keepers - Steel challenge format - Lunch provided
(This match is the state championship for our junior shooters -- staff will not shoot this event)

Iowa NSSF rimfire championship June 11-12-

Need 10 RO's/Score keepers - 2 gun (rifle/pistol) rimfire match - staff shoots free - lunch provided
We will build stages on Saturday June 11 and staff and a limited number of competitors will shoot. The main match is on Sunday. Random draw prize table.

Iowa IDPA State Championship July 15-17
- Need 10 RO's/score keepers - Need setup and tear down help -
staff shoots free - lunch provided
We will build stages starting on Wednesday evening...
by Brad Tingley at 8:36 PM
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First the good news, the gate is functioning as it should, automatically opening on exit, for now at least. We are working on a permanent repair for the issue.

Over the next few weeks there will be a couple major projects. First there will be concrete paving beginning this week, weather permitting, on the driveway approach, from the road extending past the gate by about 50 feet. The facility will remain accessible throughout the duration of this project but there will be some inconveniences. One half the drive will be closed at a time, the closings will last approximately 1 week for each side. During the time the card reader is not usable members will have to use the west half of the drive. To make things easier we will not have a lock on the gate, just a clip on the chain. We are asking members to close the gate behind them to keep the facility as secure as possible.

The second project will be the Chapter House roof replacement, also starting this week, weather permitting. This...
by Brad Tingley at 7:33 PM
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This will be a day dedicated to projects across the entire facility. We generally use this time to catch up on things that may have gone unattended over the winter months like trash collection, repairing and rebuilding target stands, grounds care and general cleanup on and around our property. Please bring tools that might be needed if you can, i.e. rakes, shovels, power tools, etc.. If there are any particular projects you are interested in helping with please share them by commenting below and we will do everything possible to provide what is needed to facilitate them. The one thing we ask is that along with your ideas of what needs done, you provide solutions on how to do it.

We are planning some weeknight work sessions, like one per month, throughout the rest of the year. Please use the poll below to share your opinion on this idea.