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Ankeny Ikes

by Andrew Smithson at 2:36 PM
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Results are up on Practiscore.com


Thanks to everyone who came out today and thanks to Jesse for acting as Match Director for the day... he brought some good stages for the ground conditions we had and I am glad to see there were others with as many mikes on stage 2 as I had.

by Doug Catron at 11:28 AM
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There have been a few changes of responsibility within our Chapter. I have accepted the Outdoor Ethics (Range Safety) Chair, a change that will enable Don Nelson, the previous Outdoor Ethics Chair, to focus on the the Scholastic Trap Program which has seen incredible growth.

Keep an eye on this site for upcoming details on the future of the Facilities Coordinator position. Until then, if there is anything you need related to facilities you can contact me at dougc@ankenyikes.org , or any other board member.

Doug Catron
Board Member
Outdoor Ethics Chair
by Will Dobbins at 11:00 PM
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Just over 2 weeks ago you may have noticed a major change in our website as we upgraded to new software. Due to a number of issues with that software I was working in parallel on this newer version of the website to address them. I hope the back-to-back changes don't throw too many of you off, both versions of the new website are very similar in layout and content, but if you think something is missing please let me know by contacting webmaster@ankenyikes.org.

If you registered for an account I apologize but there was no way to migrate users directly, so I would ask that you do so again and apologize for the inconvenience.
by Will Dobbins at 10:15 PM
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The USPSA match is on for this Saturday. That being said, Scott & I will be paying close attention to the weather and range conditions and if things look unsafe or if it looks like we will damage the range with use, we will have to call the match off. But the weather looks great for this weekend, and we should even get some freezing action over night to keep the ground solid.

The match will have a winter start time with:
- Set up beginning at - 8:30
- Registration - 9:30
- Match begins - When set up is complete (around 10:00)

Because of the snow and ice, the match is going to focus on fundamentals, with a limited amount of movement. But don't let that fool you, we have a couple COF that should be fun and a great way to test some skills and put some rounds down range.

We need help with some details, read on to find out! [...]
by Will Dobbins at 9:56 PM
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It may be cold outside but that doesn't stop the 4H Hot Shots from getting together out at the range. Today they build two more shooting benches and donated them to the Ankeny Ikes! Next time you see them out say thanks!